What is IDlinks?

  • IDlinks – A unique aggregator of social online services accounts

    Appeared relatively recently, numerous social services, now are an integral part of our existence. Today we can hardly imagine our life without e-mail, without profiles on Twitter, Instagram, Vkontakte, etc. And many people create accounts in social networks and online services, not only for entertainment and communication with friends, but also for practical purposes: for work, for promoting their own business ideas, for advertising certain services and goods, etc.

    With so many accounts, many users are faced with the problem: how to tell about all their profiles on one page, with just one link? Solution found: IDlinks - a unique aggregator of social online services accounts.

    IDlinks is a website that contains links to all your profiles and accounts, as well as online contacts (Skype, mail, etc.). In just a couple of minutes you can create your own design for your page IDlinks

  • Ability to create pages referring to absolutely any services

    Vkontakte, Twitter, Instagram Facebook and so on - it's not all: mail, Skype, phone, your personal site, game profiles, your e-wallets: you can create a page with absolutely any links

  • Convenient search by reference

    Just find out the link at least 1 user profile, what would be his IDlinks account with all the links...

  • We unite people into categories

    Someone likes reading bloggers, someone watching video reviews of cars, and somebody is fond of fitness - now all these people are in categories, which simplifies the search

  • A great way to promote yourself

    Having 1 untwisted account, thanks to IDlinks and aggregation, other accounts are gaining popularity

  • IDlinks for all

    Writers, poets, politicians, tutors, programmers, freelancers, artists, athletes, singers, actors, bloggers, models, gamers, businessmen and sellers - in short, any people creating content or services, both real and virtual

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